Alexander Rondeau

it's a towardness, really: and it's been places too, 2019, White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON, featuring works by Andie Kinney, Sheri Osden Nault, Christine Negus, Jeremy Saya, and Lucy Wowk

it’s a towardness, really; and it’s been places too, curated for the White Water Gallery, contends not only with queerness as it arrives and presents itself to us, but also the distance it has travelled and the ways in which it has changed through contact with the world; people; spaces; places; generations; systems; institutions; and prolonged meditations with its own self. Together, the works of Andie Kinney, Christine Negus, Jeremy Saya, Lucy Wowk and Sheri Nault offer tender, humorous, and deeply personal meditations on queerness and environment as seen through different considered reflections of isolated body parts.

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