Alexander Rondeau

An Upstream Flow in a Downstream Current, 2018, Pete's Dam Park, New Liskeard, ON

An Upstream Flow in a Downstream Current was a survey exhibition that brought together fifteen young, emerging artists from across Ontario whose works responded to issues of identity vis-à-vis rurality. Central thematics included structural violence against Indigenous women and girls, queer geographies and queer temporalities, and the harmful nature of resource extraction industries towards femme bodies. The exhibition took place over a 1.5 kilometre hiking trail in Pete’s Dam Park in the countryside of New Liskeard, Ontario. Participating artists included Ashley Guenette, Brittany Sheridan, Cesar Forero and Co., Eric Waters, Katie Huckson, Kris Langille, Lucy Wowk, Tyler Leveque & C.A. Reid, Marcus Marriott, Talon Sauve, Tunchai Redvers, and Victoria Anderson-Gardner.

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