Alexander Rondeau

Above the Belt, Below the Bush, 2019, curated as Minor Hockey Curatorial (with Robin Alex McDonald) featuring works by Adrienne Crossman, Dayna Danger, Tyler Matheson, Dominic Piney, Walter Scott, and Jordyn Stewart, North Bay, ON

Housed in the former site of Lefebvre’s Source for Adventure (an outdoor equipment store in North Bay whose collection of fishing, camping, and hunting gear was destroyed by fire in 2012), Above the Belt, Below the Bush, curated by Minor Hockey Curatorial (Robin Alex McDonald and Alexander Rondeau), relishes in the extra/ordinary fusion of queer glamour with the rural aesthetics of Northern Ontario. Collapsing the seemingly stark divide between hyper-masculine cultures of hunting and sport and queer/femme textures and materials (including leather, glitter, fluorescents, and sheen), participating artists exemplify how queerness involves ongoing negotiations of geographic-specific visual and cultural codes.

Featuring artworks by Adrienne Crossman (Hamilton, ON), Dayna Danger (Montreal, QC) Tyler Matheson (Kitchener-Waterloo, ON), Dominic Pinney (Windsor, ON), Walter Kaheró:ton Scott (Montreal, QC), and Jordyn Stewart (Grimsby, ON).

Above the Belt, Below the Bush was generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

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